Monday, August 2, 2010

In The Beginning

     hello, and thanks for stopping in to read the first ever edition of sobering thoughts. my name is William, and hopefully i can entertain you for just long enough to bring you back next Tuesday to read my first actual post. today i would like the opportunity to tell you a little about what i am about, and why i wish to put this blog out in the first place. first off, my wife is currently publishing a blog at blogspot that is doing well, and i would like a chance to support her by participating in it myself. second, i had put out a blog already a few years back and remembered how much i enjoyed it. i see and do alot of really funny things at times, and i don't mind being the butt of my own jokes. the best part for me is telling the story, which is why a blog is a good way for me to get that out of my system. my wife and i are alot alike in that we like to bring you the truth, however, you will find that we deliver it in much different ways. today is day 60 for me of being on the wagon, (again) lol. (that's not really funny, but more on that later.) so i thought, what a cool way to start the next leg of my sober journey by inviting a bunch of strangers to share in my sobering thoughts. this blog will evolve as my life does. i promise to keep it as real as my life gets, so if i fall off the wagon you might be subject to my late night drunken ramblings.  lol ok so i don't plan for that to happen, but i won't flake out if it does. throughout the week i will be updating info on the blog, and you can expect my next post on or before tues 8/10/2010. thanks for reading, i hope you follow me because from here on out the gloves are off!